Getting Date Ready

Hooray! You’ve got a date, now all you have to do is look perfect when you meet them in person, for that very important first impression! 

Everyone knows that first impression is very important, in fact, studies suggest that an average person only needs three seconds to decide if they like someone they just met. That's right, you only have 3 seconds to form someone's opinion of you. A great first impression also nearly guarantees a second date! No pressure.

First things first. A perfect first date location. Best place would be somewhere where both parties can sit down and talk, get to know each other. Something like a coffee shop or a restaurant is great. It is a gentleman's job to make the reservation, but be sure to ask your date what they prefer, you don't want to find yourself in a steakhouse and find out your date is a vegan.

A perfect date needs a perfect day. Sundays are best for the first in-person date. Everyone is relaxed from the work week and perhaps had done some fun stuff over the weekend they may want to share. Keep the date short and sweet, even if it feels like you could spend an eternity together. On the other hand, if you can not wait for a date to be over, the last day of the weekend provides that exit strategy. 

A perfect look will make that first impression truly grand! A nice, ironed, button-up shirt always does the trick, add some stylish jeans or khakis, slip into your business casual shoes and you are good to go! Sports blazer, if the weather permits will polish the look. Now, let’s talk about other important aspects of the date ready look. Unless you rock a beard, clean shave is a great idea; you never know, you might get a smooch on a cheek. Another important thing to remember is clean nails. Now it does not matter if you are a mechanic or a finance guy, there is no excuse to have dirty nails. Remember fresh breath too, even if you are a smoker, be sure to not smoke right before the date and have a breath mint before the date or two, just in case. A bit of cologne is a nice touch, please do not bathe in it, no one likes that. 

Be sure to arrive early and be at the table before your date comes, stand up to greet her, and remember to be polite to your wait staff. Finally, relax, take a deep breath and have a good time. 

Good luck and

Happy Dating!


Ellina Scaduto